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Haringey Children's Services Procedures Manual


October 2017

Updated Chapters
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Procedure for the Transfer of Cases between Social Work and Early Help Teams within the Children and Young People's Service

This chapter has been updated to add additional detail with regard to the transfer process and emphasise the role of the Service Manager, particularly in regard to conflict resolution in this area.

Safeguarding Children Guidance

This chapter has been updated by replacing the child sexual exploitation protocol with The London Child Sexual Exploitation Operating Protocol (2017). Please re-reference.

Private Fostering

This chapter has been amended throughout to emphasise that a Child and Family Assessment should be undertaken in respect of a referral about private fostering. Also to acknowledge the role of the team manager in this process. The update also seeks to add clarity to the definition of private fostering with regard to the legislation and children under 16 who spend more than 2 weeks in residence during holiday time in a school, (see Section 1, Definition).

Placements in Secure Accommodation on Welfare Grounds

This chapter has been amended, to add a note has been added in respect of Secure Accommodation - Placements in Scotland: Schedule 1, Children and Social Work Act 2017, with immediate effect, now enables local authorities to make placements in Secure accommodation under Section 25 (Children Act 1989). (See Section 7.1, Placement Request, Identification and Approval).

Appointment and Role of Independent Reviewing Officers

This chapter has been updated to add a new Section 6, Haringey Safeguarding Service Internal Escalation Policy and Procedure. This highlights the process for dealing with internal professional disagreements, or any identified shortfalls in professional practice, and includes a Process Chart. It emphasises that ‘all colleagues to seek to resolve issues and to work collaboratively to safeguard children’.

New Chapters
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Haringey Supervision in Case Practice

The purpose of supervision is: to ensure the quality and standard of the service delivered to the user; to promote the development and skills of social work staff; to establish accountability for the work of CYPS.

The supervision policy has been adapted to support and reflect the Signs of Safety (SOS) approach used in the Children and Young People’s Service (CYPS). The policy and supporting guidance is available for all staff and managers in Haringey CYPS. All managers and staff are expected to use the paperwork and guidance. The policy, guidance and paperwork identify good practice in supervision following the use of SOS. The chapter therefore has two sections: ‘Templates, Guidance and Prompts’ and ‘Quality Assurance and Resources’ to assist the supervisory and quality assurance process. There are tools in these sections that can also be separately accessed in the manual’s Local Resources section.

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